Reporter Claims Senior White House Official Admittted That Trump Is “Not Handling Anything, Just Typing A Bunch Of Sh*t On Twitter”

Even his staff isn't covering for him anymore!

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The fact that Donald Trump is doing absolutely nothing to accomplish anything worthwhile in this country is as plain as the noses on our faces.

His response to coronavirus was and is an absolute joke and his response to the protests and riots that are raging from coast to coast in this nation as we speak has been nothing short of the same. Completely and utterly useless in every way.

In fact, the only thing Trump has done throughout the crisis that’s resulted from George Floyd’s murder in the streets of Minneapolis is to use it as an opportunity to practice his dictator skills. No policy changes. No action. No reform. Nothing.


And as it turns out, those of us outside of the White House aren’t the only ones taking notice.

According to Vox national security reporter Alex Ward, Trump is drawing quite a bit of criticism from inside the White House, as well.

Ward recently interviewed a senior White House official and asked how the president is handling the mayhem and civil unrest that’s absolutely rocking this nation from one end to the other. And according to the guy on the inside, he’s just… Well… Not.

“He’s not handling anything, just typing a bunch of sh*t on Twitter,” the senior White House insider ultimately admitted to the Vox reporter.

This is what we’ve come to, folks. Even the people who are working for him inside those walls know that he’s as useless as they come.

The fact of the matter is, Donald Trump is rapidly digging his own hole to fall into come November. At this point, we just have to hope that we can all make it until then.

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