Republican Attorney Had “Freudian Slip” During Impeachment Hearing, Called Pence “Former VP”

What a hot mess!

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Republicans are not sending their best — or maybe Stephen Castor, the lawyer who represented the Republicans at the impeachment hearing before the Judiciary Committee is their best. Castor tried to defend Donald Trump by saying, “To impeach a president who 63 million people voted for over eight lines in a call transcript is baloney. Democrats seek to impeach President Trump not because they have evidence of high crimes or misdemeanors but because they disagree with his policies.”

So, because Trump said eight sentences, instead of nine or seven, what he said is legal and beyond reproach. Castor wasn’t just confused with his defense. He appeared to not know who the current vice-president is, and he thinks that Jonathan Turley, the Republicans’ sole constitutional “expert” who writes pro-Trump opinion pieces for The Hill as if he’s competing with John Solomon, is the president of the United States.

Castor hasn’t done his basic homework, apparently.

House lawmakers are currently drafting the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, not “President Turley.” The impeachment case has revolved around the infamous July 25 phone call in which Trump asked the president of Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. If Trump is impeached and removed from office — and his removal is unlikely with the Republican-led Senate — VP Mike Pence would take Trump’s place as “president.” Turley is not the president, and Pence is currently the Vice President. As an attorney working to defend Donald Trump, Castor should know this already but he’s clearly confused.

Trump admitted to a quid pro quo while on the White House lawn with cameras rolling. Castor is trying to defend indefensible acts without knowing who the actors are that he’s touting as innocent in a shitshow of epic proportions.

A Freudian slip calling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the president would have been more appropriate.

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