Matt Gaetz Does Not Appear To Be Impressed With Trump’s Defense During Trial, Says It Looks Like “An 8th-Grade Book Report”

Oh, man! This is hilarious!

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The hashtag “Matt Gaetz Is A Tool” didn’t trend on Twitter for days for no reason. The fratboy turned Congressman has been one of the staunchest supporters of America’s dear leader since pretty much day one of this shitshow we’re calling a presidency.

Especially in the wake of Trump’s formal impeachment proceedings, it seemed as though Gaetz would be one of the first to line up in defense of Donald were he to ever actually shoot someone in the middle of Manhattan.

Hell, Matt’s behavior throughout the course of the public impeachment hearings in the House was more than enough to prove as much. And let’s not forget that Gaetz was leading the pack of rabid Republicans who stormed the closed-door hearings at the very beginning of this whole fiasco.

But it seems all the loyalty and devotion in the world hasn’t rid Matt of that fratboy immaturity of his — you know, the very same that got his ass a DUI and got his mugshot plastered all over a Florida billboard.

Now, recently, Trump and his White House had to assemble a team of what they thought would be the best House Republicans to serve as his defense team throughout the Senate impeachment trial. For a while, it was believed that Gaetz would certainly be a front-runner for one of the undoubtedly coveted positions. After all, he was more than willing to make a complete ass out of himself during those House hearings, right?

But whether it be because they just didn’t think Gaetz was good enough, or the more likely fact that the GOP Congressman recently broke away from his party and the president when he voted in favor of the war powers resolution, Matty didn’t end up with a spot on the team.

And folks, he’s mad about it.

Gaetz was quick to declare that the decision to leave him out was a pushback against his war powers resolution vote. But it seems that he’s still not finished making a scene over it.

Today, Matt made a damn gutsy move when he spoke out with some pretty serious criticism of Donald’s impeachment defense team, telling Politico that they presented their case as if it were “cable news.”

And he didn’t stop there.

The Republican lawmaker went on to declare that their defense of the president looked like “an eighth-grade book report,” only to double-down and say, “Actually, no, I take that back,” stating that eighth-graders would know how to use PowerPoint and iPads.

Obviously, this isn’t a matter of Gaetz having a sudden change of heart — but instead, a tantrum resulting from a spoiled fratboy brat not getting his way.

Doesn’t make it any less funny, though.

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