Sexually Explicit Memo From Brett Kavanaugh During Clinton Investigation Has Resurfaced, Source Blames It On “A Fog Of Sleep Deprivation”

Everything about him makes me sick.

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Over the years, I could write you a list longer than a CVS receipt of all the ways Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has disgusted me. But at the end of the day, the fact that the guy is not only a rapist, but a rapist that got away with clean and clear, always takes the cake. Frankly, I and millions of others will never get over that, and there will never come a day where my heart doesn’t ache for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Her actions against someone as powerful as Brett Kavanaugh paved the way for so many victims and to me, she is a hero for that.

But as it turns out, it seems as though Kavanaugh isn’t just your run-of-the-mill frat boy rapist. No. The guy is a freak of epic proportions. Let me tell you how I know.

Back in the days of then-President Bill Clinton’s Monika Lewinsky scandal, Kavanaugh cut his Conservative legal world teeth on the case against the now-former president. But it seems it wasn’t just any old case for the soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice. Kavanaugh seemed to revel in it. Even going so far as to pen a memo chock full of heinously sexually explicit questions that he wanted posed to the president, that a former colleague of his eventually blamed on “a fog of sleep deprivation,” when speaking to The Atlantic

The memo hails from August 15th, 1998, and resurfaced during his 2018 confirmation hearing, only to resurface once again in 2021, making the same disgust-feuling waves.

The memo was titled, “Slack for the president?”

In the offending memo, Kavanaugh raged against Clinton’s behavior while in the White House (a rage that’s particularly ironic now, given all that we know) writing that “the president has disgraced his office, the legal system, and the American people by having sex with a 22-year-old intern and turning her life into shambles,” going on to call it “callous and disgusting behavior.”

Again, the irony here is impossible to ignore. But I digress.

The memo then proceeded to list a variety of sexually graphic and downright gross questions that Kavanaugh apparently wanted President Clinton to be asked, including, “If Monica Lewinsky said you inserted a cigar into her vagina, while you were in the Oval Office area, would she be lying?” and “If Monica Lewinsky says that you had phone sex with her on approximately 15 occasions, would she be lying?”

Kavanaugh’s old coworker, Robert Bittman, spoke with The Atlantic in connection with a profile the outlet released on the Supreme Court Justice today, and claimed that Brett later “expressed regret” for the memo’s “tone.” He also claimed that Kavanaugh wrote the memo while sleep-deprived as if that’s supposed to be some sort of excuse.

Look, this memo was disgusting enough back in the 90s when it was originally penned. But given we know the monster that Brett Kavanaugh truly is now, it only makes it that much worse in 2021.

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