Matt Gaetz’s Day Just Got Worse As Wingman Signals He Will Plead Guilty To Sex Crimes As Part Of Agreement With Prosecutors

Enjoy your freedom while it lasts, Matt.

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Personally, I like to imagine Matt Gaetz sitting at home all alone right now, disheveled, unshowered, wearing a 3-day old suit, drowning his sorrows in cheap gin and cigarettes, going on an unhinged rant to a brick wall about those damn Democrats and their evil plots to take him down.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the Florida GOP Congressman is quite to that point yet. However, after today’s news, I bet he will be soon.

Today, the Orlando Sentinel broke the news that Congressman Gaetz’s old wingman, Joel Greenberg has signaled that he will soon be pleading guilty to the heinous federal sex crime charges currently lodged against him, including but not limited to a federal sex trafficking scheme, as part of a pleas deal with federal prosecutors. While this news doesn’t directly involve Gaetz, there’s simply no denying that it could carry MASSIVE implications for the Republican House Representative, considering we still don’t know what that plea deal actually entails.

We’re already well aware that Greenberg is more than willing to spill the beans on his old congressional pal — that much was proven in the confession letter he penned, essentially pulling Gaetz under the bus with him, when he was working with Roget Stone to try to secure himself a pardon during Donald Trump’s final days in office. So, it’s certainly not out of the question to wonder if Gaetz is somehow wrapped up in the plea deal that Greenberg is allegedly preparing to take.

Local media reported that a federal court in Orlando has scheduled a “change of plea hearing” in Greenberg’s case, set for Monday. This serves as a pretty good indicator that Matt Gaetz’s old wingman has reached a deal with prosecutors.

Again, details of Greenberg’s potential deal have not yet been released, including whether or not he offered up any information about Gaetz in connection to the deal, who has been accused of having sex with a 17-year-old girl, among various other sex crimes.

Of course, Gaetz has and continues to vehemently deny allegations that he has paid for sex.

The negotiations of this deal have reportedly been in the works since last month.

Fritz Scheller, a lawyer for Greenberg, said at the time, “I am sure Matt Gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today.”

Something tells me that rings true again today, as the man he was allegedly involved with during these schemes signals that he’ll soon be cutting a deal. My only wish is that I could be a fly on the wall in Matt Gaetz’s house when it all goes down.

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