Social Media Users Appear To Be Signing Up For Trump’s Rally With Apparently No Intention Of Showing Up

I'm starting to think Trump isn't a very popular guy.

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Despite previously bragging about one million RSVPs to his rally in Tulsa, Donald Trump didn’t fill the arena to the more than 19,000-person capacity of the BOK Center Saturday last month. Trump’s face showed a defeated man as he arrived at the White House after being humiliated by a bunch of TikTok users led by a grandmother that applied to attend the rally but intentionally didn’t show up. Only six thousand two hundred people showed up to see the president in Tulsa. It was a fantastic trolling job on an ego-driven president.

And they’re doing it again — but joined by Twitter users this time.

Organizers on TikTok are again planning to register for tickets at Trump’s Saturday rally in New Hampshire but do not plan to attend in an attempt to keep seats empty, according to Forbes. It’s not clear if the sabotage effort would work this time since Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale would not want a repeat of the Tulsa rally.


On Monday, TikTok user @vkusnothanks spearheaded the effort by posting a video asking the “Top 5 hottest tiktokers” to spread a message about registering for Trump’s upcoming rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the outlet reports.

“The tickets are still free same as it was in Tulsa, and you can reserve two at a time,” the video says, and the TikToker calls on Gen Z to “signal boost” and “make the rally just as, if not more scarce than the one in Oklahoma.”

GenZ will save us:

The video quickly gained 300,000 likes and tens of thousands of comments from other users saying they reserved tickets with jokes like ‘It’s my oven’s birthday so I’m not going to be able to make it’ and ‘Me & my lil bro just reserved 4 seats but we gotta help my grandma sweep the grass that day I forgot.'”

Trump is hugely unpopular for so many reasons, but due to his obvious narcissistic disorder, he can’t find fault with himself. Instead, Trump lashes out at others, so that makes trolling the president a lot of fun. Trump is an abusive dickhead, and the kids on TikTok and Twitter aren’t having it. The saboteurs want to hit Trump where it hurts and Make Empty Arenas Great Again.

Again, though, it might not work this time, but it will clog up Trump’s campaign efforts a bit, and we are good with that.

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