Social Media Users Seem To Think Kushner Has Had Plastic Surgery Upon Noticing That His Looks Have Changed Drastically: “What Happened To His Face?”


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The Trump family as a whole is no stranger to plastic surgery, folks.

Over the years rumors have swirled surrounding Ivanka’s nose, Trump’s Adderall fried nostrils, Melania’s “kidneys,” and everything in between.

But thanks to some self-proclaimed sleuths on the internet, it now seems that the affinity for cosmetic surgery may not be limited to blood members of the Trump crew.

It’s pretty plain to see some of the work that’s been done to a few of the Trump clan members. Melania’s brand new “kidneys” are as clear as day (especially a cold day), Ivanka doesn’t even look like the same person anymore with her chubby, child-like face now a thing of the past and her nose looking far slimmer than anything even the best contour would accomplish, and Trump… Well, he’s just a mess. His hair seems to be taped on, his nose allegedly had to be fixed after he fried it by snorting stimulants, and whoever does his spray tan and makeup seriously hates that guy.

And now it seems that Ivanka’s hubby Jared was sucked into the cosmetic procedures as well.

Honestly, it’s not something I had ever really noticed until now. Maybe it’s because Kushner has always reminded me of that kid from Pet Cemetary, and that’s all I could seem to pay attention to.

But now that it’s been pointed out, it’s one of those things you can never unsee.

Take a look for yourself:


It wasn’t just one tweet either. Evidently this is something several folks have taken notice of:

I mean, I’m no expert here. But y’all… There aren’t even any dimples left!

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