Trump Administration Is Set To Hold In-Person Holiday Celebrations Despite Two COVID Outbreaks Being Traced Back To The White House

Are they going for a third White House outbreak?

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In case the right-wing nutcases haven’t caught on yet — the coronavirus pandemic very much did NOT go away after Election Day. In fact, things are progressively getting much, much worse in the United States, with infection and death rates soaring higher than they were at the very beginning of this deadly crisis. Some states are desperately trying to get a handle on this thing once again by shutting down non-essential businesses like bars and restaurants and strongly encouraging people to avoid large gatherings, even for the impending holidays — meaning we’ll be forced to miss even more special events with our loved ones, as get togethers are quite literally a risk to our lives.

Yet, much as they have throughout this entire pandemic, the Trump administration is once again carrying on as though it’s life as usual in the United States of America.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the Trump White House has been the suspected source of not one, but two rather large coronavirus outbreaks in recent months — one as a result of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing and the other traced back to an Election Night party at the White House — one of which even managed to infect Donald Trump himself, earning him a few days in Walter Reed Hospital. And frankly, that doesn’t even begin to touch the fever pitch of cases we’re seeing from coast to coast.


However, a new report from the Huffington Post says that despite all this, the Trump administration still plans to hold in-person events at the White House for the holidays.

A Republican congressional source says that the Trump administration plans to hold a Hanukkah reception at the White House on December 9th, with invitations that seemingly contained no details regarding COVID-19 precautions, and a Christmas party in the White House the following day.

Thus far, the Trump White House has not responded to requests for comments regarding the scheduled holiday events.

As of now, the United States has surpassed 250,000 deaths from the virus, with an additional 170,000 forecasted through the winter months.

Featured image via Flickr/The White House 

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