Trump Is Supposedly Hosting Official White House Event, Appears To Turn It Into MAGA Rally

When it comes to Donald Trump, anything and everything is a MAGA rally.

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Donald Trump seems to hold more rallies as president (and a 2020 presidential candidate) than just about anybody. It feels like every time you turn around, the blowhard is on yet another stage, giving yet another long-winded speech full of more bullshit than a cow pasture. But somehow that apparently still isn’t enough for him.

It seems no matter how many MAGA rallies he holds across the country, he simply cannot resist the urge to turn every public speaking event he engages in into another one — even if he’s legally not supposed to.

During an official White House event in Warren, Michigan today where he addressed MI workers, Trump took his speech that should have been nonpartisan and turned it into a makeshift MAGA rally in which he did little more than brag on himself for everything he could think of — legalities of these sort of events be damned.


He kicked things off by harping once again on his lie about being awarded the Michigan “Man of the Year” title, a common Trump claim that has been debunked numerous times now. And it didn’t take long after for him to spiral out of control, into a full-on MAGA event.

Donald quickly began to disparage the media members who had gathered to cover the official White House event, eventually spurring the audience into booing the reporters and denouncing them as “fake news.”

He fell even deeper down the rabbit hole when he began to harp on his “successes” with everything from the military to tax cuts to random regulations. And he was certainly sure not to leave out a big brag on his protections for the Second Amendment.

Honestly, I think the dude turns every opportunity possible into a campaign speech because he knows he’s damn well going to need it at this point.

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