Trump May Not Be Happy With His Wife As White House Official Tells CNN: “Melania Trump Is Not Sad To Be Leaving”

Trump is not going to care for this at all.

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Donald Trump has lost this election in every shape, way, form, and fashion possible. Literally. He lost the election itself, then proceeded to lose every recount and lawsuit he lobbed at it. Then lost yet again when Congress officially certified the results in favor of Joe Biden, even after Donnie’s supporters violently stormed the Capitol building trying to stop the certification.

Quite literally, he has exhausted every single option and avenue, those readily available to him and not, and still came out a loser each and every time. Yet, here we are, five short days away from Biden’s inauguration, and Donald Trump still refuses to graciously accept his loss; or even accept it at all. Seriously, the guy downright refuses to even say out loud that he lost.

But, according to a new report from CNN, Trump’s deep-seated desire to stay in office, and in power, is one-sided, at least when it comes to his relationship.


Reports have been indicating for some time now that Melania is ready to move on from the White House and has been busy making plans to return to her life outside of the presidency. Now, one White House official has reportedly told CNN, “Melania Trump is not sad to be leaving.”

Moving vans have been seen outside the White House this past week, with snapshots of several outgoing officials packing things out in preparation for the Trump family’s departure — something it seems Melania is more than ready for, which comes as no surprise, considering how uneager she always seemed with her position as First Lady. However, as mentioned, Trump is still extremely pouty about the situation.

If this story were about anyone else, chances are we’d soon be reading about their ousting, or at least tales of a massive blowup on Trump’s behalf over a lack of loyalty.

So, while Trump can’t quite “fire” his wife, I’d venture to guess that there is trouble in paradise.

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