Trump On Harris: “Kamala — You Know If You Pronounce Her Name Wrong She Goes Crazy. Kamala Like A Comma”

He doesn't even try to hide it.

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Over these last four years, we’ve very quickly learned that Donald Trump, if he is anything, is childish and immature as Hell.

He’s petulant and whiny, self-centered and selfish, mean-spirited and arrogant — the very epitome of a schoolyard bully that throws sand in the faces of kids smaller than him and kicks them in the gut before taking their lunch money.

We’ve seen proof of this in countless different ways over the course of this guy’s disastrous, destructive, and humiliating presidential term. But perhaps nothing else really screams “bully” quite the way his name-calling tactics do.


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Donald Trump makes a habit out of coming up with ridiculous nicknames for the long and ever-growing list of people he doesn’t like.

He called Rep. Adam Schiff a “pencil neck,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “nasty” or “crazy” Nancy. He still to this day refers to Hillary Clinton as “crooked” Hillary and former Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas.” And Lord knows we’ve all heard “Sleepy Joe” more times than we can count.

But when it comes to Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, Trump has taken a slightly different approach, it seems.

While he’s certainly called her a variety of gross and childish names, Trump’s biggest issue seems to lie in the fact that he’s just not smart enough to pronounce it correctly. So, instead, he makes fun of it — in the most racist way possible, of course.

During last night’s super-spreader MAGA rally in Virginia, Trump honed in on Kamala’s name and appeared to be trying to beat his own record of the biggest asshole moment in history.

“Kamala — you know if you pronounce her name wrong she goes crazy,” he declared. “Kamala like a comma. It’s like a comma. She’s like a comma.”

I can’t help but wonder if he realizes how painfully stupid he sounds…

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