Fox News Appears To Cut Away From Republican Senator Who Calls Iran Meeting “Probably The Worst Briefing At Least On A Military Issue I’ve Seen”

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Fox News just made a big, bad boo-boo. It’s one that will very likely land them on Donald Trump’s shitlist, blasted all over his Twitter feed before the day’s end.

Before we get too deep into this, it’s important to remember that Trump has effectively shit the bed in one of the worst stunts of his presidency to date.

Over the course of the past few days, Trump has made the uninformed, self-serving decision to launch an airstrike on a traveling convoy near a Baghdad airport that effectively assassinated Iran’s Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani — a decision that was not made with regard to the American people and their safety, that was not rooted in any real, true concern over legitimate, imminent threats, and only served to distract the nation from Trump’s barreling formal impeachment process — resulting in Iranian forces retaliating against the attack by launching several missiles at a US base in Iraq.

In the wake of his original attack, Trump spent days on Twitter doing what he does best — running his mouth and firing up his base with false promises, threatening unforgivable war crimes should Iran strike back, and “teasing” at alleged information that he was supposedly holding close to the vest as justification for his political stunt.

However, here we are in the aftermath of Iran’s retaliation and, after a bullshit post on Twitter last night, Trump has addressed the nation to inform us all that he’s absolutely no closer to legitimate compromise with Iran, he won’t be making good on those threats of military reactions to Iran’s attack, and he will be further sanctioning the country into economic ruin — all still without the mention of a legitimate justification for starting this whole ordeal in the first place.

After Trump’s public address to the United States and the world, a briefing was held with Congress and top Trump administration officials in which legitimate rationale for the original airstrike on Soleimani was supposed to be divulged.

Many Democratic members of Congress have already expressed their displeasure with the excuses for the attack that were offered up during the briefing this afternoon.

However, Trump’s most beloved media outlet, Fox News, made a damn big mistake today when they aired footage of a Republican Senator expressing his complete disgust with the information that was put on the table during the Iran briefing today.

Fox, of course, quickly cut away from the Senator once they realized that his remarks certainly were not in Trump’s favor. But in the end, they were just too little, too late — we all had the pleasure of hearing GOP Senator Mike Lee declare the meeting the worst briefing on military issues he has ever seen.

“This, however, is not the biggest problem I have with the briefing — which I would add was probably the worst briefing I’ve seen, at least on a military issue, in the 9 years I’ve served in the United States Senate,” Lee began as he came out of the briefing on Iran.

“What I found so distressing about that briefing was that one of the messages we received from the briefers was ‘Do not debate. Do not discuss the appropriateness of further military intervention against Iran,'” he went on.

“I find this insulting and demeaning,” Lee declared. “Not personally, but to the office that each of the 100 Senators in this building happens to hold. I find it insulting and I find it demeaning to the Constitution of the United States to which we’ve all sworn an oath. It is, after all, the prerogative of the Legislative branch to declare war. Article I, Section 8 makes that very clear.”

The Senator continued, “When we send our brave soldiers, sailors, airman, and marines…” however he was cut off by the Trump-sympathizing network before the rest of his statement was aired.

But regardless of Fox’s attempts to silence the Senator, this is irrefutable proof that Trump’s wave of red support within the Senate is crashing around him. Even his own party can no longer get behind this man and his manic behaviors that are actively putting our nation at risk.

We can only hope that we can count on Senator Mike Lee to stand his ground when the time comes to Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate.

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