Trump Seems To Snap After Being Pushed By Savannah Guthrie To Denounce QAnon: “So Cute”

Savannah Guthrie has him livid!

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  1. After tonight, I think Donald Trump is going to wish he didn’t agree to competing town hall events with Biden. Before they even started taking questions from voters, host Savannah Guthrie decided to hold Trump’s feet to the fire and get him to answer some questions of her own. The interrogation was brutal and all throughout you could tell Trump was breaking little by little.

From his coronavirus diagnosis to his wild claims about unsolicited ballots, Guthrie got Trump to stumble over his answers, breaking him out of his usual repetition. It’s rare that Donald Trump is fact-checked in real-time and even rarer that someone pushes him to answer a question, but Guthrie knocked it out of the park tonight, shaking him up before he even started answering questions from the public.

Things hit a climax when Guthrie brought up QAnon. Usually, Trump’s strategy in situations like these is just to claim that he doesn’t know, but Guthrie wouldn’t leave it there and filled him in on the manner bluntly.

“What I do know is that they are strongly against pedophilia, and I agree with that and I agree with it very strongly,” barked Trump.


Guthrie responded, “But there is not a satanic pedophile cult they run…” then Trump interrupted with his usual, “I have no idea, I know nothing about that.”

The host shut him down immediately, “You don’t know that?”

Trump then erupted, unleashing complaint after complaint about unfair treatment capped off with demanding why no one asks Joe Biden to denounce Antifa. The host responded simply by pointing out she was speaking with him, not Biden and that sent Trump over the edge.

He scoffed “Ha ha, so cute,” in a way that clearly shows his lack of respect when it comes to women and his anger whenever they question him.

Check out the exchange below:

Featured image via screen capture

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Chris Gifford