Americans Are Comparing Trump And Biden’s Simultaneous Town Halls And The Difference Is Appalling

This is insane.

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As we speak, both current President and former Vice President and Democratic nominee (and hopefully soon-to-be president) Joe Biden are holding simultaneous town halls.

So, first things first, let’s just break down how this happened, shall we?

Trump and Biden had their first presidential debate — it was a complete and utter dumpster fire of epic proportions. Shortly thereafter, Donald Trump suddenly tests positive for the potentially deadly coronavirus. It looked like it could be pretty serious, the dude ended up in the hospital and the whole nine yards. As a result of his infection with the virus, combined with his refusal to properly follow guidelines even after testing positive, the Biden team decided that Joe would only be participating in the next debate, that was supposed to take place tonight, if it was a virtual event. Unsurprisingly, Donald refused and ultimately the event was canceled.


After the cancellation of the debate, Joe Biden scheduled a town hall with ABC. Unable to tolerate feeling as though he’s been one-upped, Trump scheduled a town hall of his own on the same night, at the same time, on a different network. Because, evidently, all the man knows how to do is compete.

As you can imagine, the two events quickly got off on two very different feet. And social media is very aware of that fact:

Folks, the town halls that are currently underway are but a small part of a much larger picture — this is the tale of two Americas. And the right choice has never been so clear.

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