Trump Was Caught In A Photo Hanging Out By The Pool With An Attractive Young Lady And We Couldn’t Help But Wonder What Melania Thinks About It

I wonder how Mel feels about this.

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There’s no denying that, short of a few cash-grabbing schemes, former First Lady Melania Trump hasn’t been much of a presence since she and her husband departed the White House in a cloud of shame and scandal almost a year and a half ago now — despite Donald Trump’s clear efforts to remain relevant on the political scene as he gears up for his likely 2024 presidential run. She’s popped up a time or two here and there at their Mar-a-Lago home/resort, but she’s certainly not going out of her way to flank her husband or shroud him in support.

Thanks to one new photo that’s cropped up and made its way around social media, we may know why.

Mel’s hubby has seemingly been making a habit out of surrounding himself with rather young, attractive young women during his days down at his Florida golf clubbed turned post-presidential home and he’s not showing any signs of stopping any time soon.

Popular Twitter user Ron Filipkowski recently took to the social media platform to share an image of the ex-president at his southern resort, standing beside/slightly behind a significantly younger woman draped in a pink swimsuit cover, standing beside one of the resort’s swimming pools. Trump was sporting his signature white golf shirt, with the words “President Donald Trump” hilariously emblazoned across the corner, a red MAGA hat, ill-fitting slacks, and his trademarked thumbs-up:

Filipokowski captioned the image, “Does this pool guy at Mar-a-Lago ever work? People are waiting for their margaritas. I just see him walking around every day with his thumb up and this red hat doing nothing.”

The Twitter comments went down about the way you’d expect:

Meanwhile, I just wanna know how much allowance Mel is earning to put up with this hot mess.

Featured image via screen capture

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