Trump Was Looking Rather Orange And Fluorescent In Bonkers New Campaign Video

Good grief, man.

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Just this week, we reported on a wide-reaching, in-depth, and frankly damning piece from political reporter Olivia Nuzzi, in the Intelligencer, in which Nuzzi offered her readers an eye-opening glimpse into what she describes as Trump’s “sad, lonely, thirsty, broken” post-White House life, amid his deeply struggling 2024 presidential re-election campaign.

The 45th POTUS is absolutely drowning in a variety of probes, scandals, investigations, and wide-reaching legal peril since the moment he set foot out of the White House in early 2021, and it’s all been going rapidly downhill ever since. The former guy is now facing down the very real prospect of a very real prison sentence as he wades through multiple investigations ranging from the Department of Justice, to the Southern District of New York, to the New York Attorney General’s office, to the Fulton County Georgia Attorney General’s office — and countless more in between that are becoming almost impossible to keep up with.

Despite all of that, Trump has tried desperately to stage a comeback ahead of the 2024 election. Whether that was something meant to redeem him and open the door for him to enact all sorts of heinous revenge, or just an effort to reinstall some sort of political protection against all this, we’re still not sure.

But, to be frank, even that isn’t going well. At all.

Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign launch certainly didn’t stack up to be the big boom he was hoping and praying for. In fact, it’s gone pretty much the exact opposite. Not much of anyone who is anybody has been willing to throw their support behind the washed-up former NY real estate “mogul” this go around.

At this point, it certainly seems that Trump has reached a rather desperate “fix it” mode, in an effort to somehow breathe some life into his dying campaign, lest it flatlines before we even hit the election season.

As such, the former guy is coming off with some real nonsense these days, including one of his most disgusting attacks to date, aimed against transgender youth in the United States.

Earlier this week, Donald released a bizarre, deeply unhinged new campaign video, in which he railed against “Left-Wing Gender Insanity” and announced his plan to “protect children” from actually being allowed to live their true selves.

As if the content of the video weren’t horrific enough all on its own, Trump’s physical appearance in the new clip certainly added its own layer of cringe and disgust for most everyone who had the displeasure of watching it.

For one, the man was so orange that he appeared almost fluorescent in the video.

See for yourself:

Suffice it to say, most of the people in the comments weren’t exactly supportive:

How about we lay off the spray tan and our transgender youth, k?

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