Trump’s Buddy Jerry Falwell Reportedly Left Ominous, Threatening Message On Reporter’s Voicemail, Seemingly Over Media’s Criticism Of Him: “You’re In Some Serious Trouble”

It's no wonder those two are such great friends.

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Jerry Falwell Jr. — the president of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, a loud evangelical voice, and close, personal friend of Donald Trump — has had his name and face plastered all over the news recently thanks to his handling of the coronavirus pandemic at the campus he runs.

And frankly, much like his good pal Donald, he’s not fond of the bad publicity at all.

So un-fond, in fact, that he allegedly called a reporter with the New York Times sometime around midnight and left a very threatening message on their voicemail.

According to the Times, Falwell left an ominous message on the reporter’s phone stating, “You’re in some serious trouble.”

I don’t know about you, but “You’re in some serious trouble” sounds like it could mean about a thousand different things to me — and not a single one of them is good.

According to the report on the threat, Falwell went on to accuse reporters with the Times of showing up at the university’s Lynchburg campus and putting the lives of the students at risk by possibly spreading the coronavirus.

The publication asserts that no such thing happened.

Falwell has found himself on the unflattering side of numerous reports over the last several weeks, including some from the New York Times, as a result of his unwillingness to follow the guidelines currently implemented nationwide to fight the spread of the life-threatening virus and opting instead to partially reopen his university campus.

The Times states that Falwell has threatened a lawsuit against the publication and even gone so far as to have his campus police issue arrest warrants for two of the newspaper’s journalists, ultimately charging them with trespassing on campus grounds.

Falwell himself is currently the subject of a class-action lawsuit as a result of his decision to partially reopen the campus and risk the lives of the students that attend the university — a move that Lynchburg Mayor Treney Tweedy called “reckless.”

It’s also worth noting that in the wake of Falwell’s decision to reopen, two employees have tested positive for the deadly virus and seven others are under self-quarantine after presenting with symptoms, according to a report from local newspaper, News & Advance.

I can only imagine that Donald Trump is beaming with pride.

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