Trump’s Deposition Was Reportedly Paused For His Ex-Wife’s Death, Yet Since Then, He Was Living It Up With His GOP Stooges On The Same Golf Course Ivana Was Buried On

You gotta be kidding me...

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It seems Donald Trump hit a stroke of luck in the aftermath of his first wife’s untimely death, as Reuters reported that, on the heels of the news regarding the former Manhattan socialite, the depositions of the ex-president and his adult children in the New York Attorney General’s case was postponed.

A previous court order entered on June 8th called on Donald, Don Jr., and Ivanka Trump to sit for under-oath depositions between July 15 and 22. For months, the Trump family has been fighting tooth and nail to weasel their way out of the court-ordered testimony in the case.

Following the news of Ivana’s death and a request from the Trump family, the New York Attorney General’s office confirmed that the depositions would not occur as previously scheduled.

“This is a temporary delay and the depositions will be rescheduled as soon as possible,” the New York attorney general’s statement on the matter said.

It’s assumed that the Trumps put off their previously scheduled, court-ordered testimonies in an effort to allow the family time to lay the former matriarch to rest and grieve her untimely passing.

However, it’s really looking like Donald is already WAY over it.

While the Trump family did attend a large, lavish funeral for Ivana, with Donald even burying his first wife on his own New Jersey golf property, it certainly looks as though the scandal-ridden ex-president’s period of mourning is already over.

In new photos out today on social media, Trump can be seen yucking it up with the GOP’s biggest stooges, allegedly at the very same golf course where his first wife and mother of his three kids was just buried:

Social media had a lot to say about it:

Nice try, Donnie. By the AG is still coming for you.

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