Trump’s Own Former Nat. Sec. Advisor Revealed That “Laughing Fool” Donald Trump Was A Pathetic Joke To Foreign World Leaders, Despite Donald Thinking They All Loved And Respected Him

This is absolutely humiliating.

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Recently, scandal-ridden former president Donald Trump — who is already openly refusing to participate in a Republican presidential debate — participated in a town hall at New Hampshire’s St. Anselm College with CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins, which he effectively treated like less of a political forum and more of an open mic night featuring the one and only Donnie J. Trump.

The whole event was every bit the hot mess we expected it to be and more, with Collins posing multiple questions to the former president, only for him to grandstand, scream, carry on, beat around the bush, and yet repeatedly never even answered the question posed to him with a simple yes or no and eventually devolved into Trump hitting the CNN host with one of his favorite insults when he called her a “nasty person.”

Despite the ex-president’s horrendous behavior and manners, Collins remained strong and steadfast, ensuring that she touched on all of the most prominent topics concerning the scandal-ridden, newly-indicted ex-president — ranging from the recent sexual assault civil verdict against him in the E. Jean Carroll lawsuit, to the ongoing election crime investigation in Georgia, to the ongoing Justice Department investigations still raging against him concerning the Mar-a-Lago stolen document scandal, to the January 6th Capitol attack, to Trump’s overall efforts to overthrow a United States presidential election. That “discussion” also included the ongoing, deadly Russian invasion of Ukraine, in which Trump made multiple disgusting but not at all surprising remarks about the situation.

In the wake of the town hall event, Collins interviewed Donald Trump’s own former National Security Adviser John Bolton on CNN’s “This Morning,” where Bolton was quick to humiliate the former president with the truth against the guy who swears up and down that all of the world’s best dictators love and respect him.

“You once said that he barely knew where Ukraine was,” Collins said. “And his notion that — one thing he repeated that night as well is he said, if he was in office, that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine.”

“Yeah,” Bolton responded. “Trump has this impression that foreign leaders, especially adversaries, hold him in high regard, that he’s got a good relationship with Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un. I believe they think he’s a laughing fool. And the idea that somehow his presence in office would have deterred Putin is flatly wrong. If anything, if Trump had won a second term and done what I think he intended to do, which is get out of NATO, Putin would have just waited and let him do it, and even the weakening of NATO would have made it a lot easier for the Russians to have prevailed.”

They didn’t actually like you at all, Donald. You’re a joke. An embarrassment. A complete and utter fool.

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