Two High-Level Tech Execs Who Were Considered The “Brains” Of The Business, Quit Their Jobs At Donald Trump’s Truth Social As Platform Continues To Brutally Flop And It Could Lead To The Premature End Of Donald’s Humiliating Venture

This whole mess just keeps getting worse.

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It seems things have gotten that much worse for the already floundering social media platform venture belonging to the disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached, Twitter-banned ex-president, as a bombshell report from Reuters has revealed that two key, high-ranking tech executives have just quit their positions at Truth Social, amid the brutally humiliating bust of a launch.

Josh Adams and Billy Boozer — Truth Social’s chiefs of technology and product development  — joined the company last year, according to the report, and quickly rose to crucial levels within Trump’s venture to create a social media platform that he essentially couldn’t be banned from. But the ex-president’s efforts to create a safe space for Conservatives, free of the dreaded “cancel culture” they’ve all come to fear, has been nothing but a massive flop since day one. And it seems both Adams and Boozer didn’t want to stick around for the final fiery end.

According to sources familiar with the matter, both of the high-ranking executives have left their positions in the midst of the company’s “critical juncture” for their smartphone app launch.

Speaking of Adams, one inside source said, “If Josh has left… all bets are off,” before going on to refer to the now-former tech exec as the “brains” of Trump’s Truth Social technology.

Their departure from the Trump-founded social media venture comes amid numerous brutal reports of an embarrassingly bungled launch, with users sitting on a seemingly neverending waitlist as thousands are unable to even access the platform at all — despite numerous assurances from the company’s chief executive Devin Nunes, who infamously left his position in Congress for this gig, claiming that the app would be fully functional and ready for use by the end of last month.

As it stands, while Truth Social is available in the app store for Apple users, they still don’t even have an app available for Android users, who make up more than 40 percent of the US market.

According to the report, both tech execs resigned from their high-ranking Truth Social positions before their jobs were even made public outside of the company — working a tier underneath former Apprentice castmates Wes Moss and Andy Litinsky — and sources say the pair were supportive of the company’s “anti-cancel culture” mission.

“[They wanted to create an] open platform, where as long as you don’t say anything that is criminal, you can be entitled to your own opinion,” one source claimed.

The report notes that both Adams and Boozer had regularly posted on the Trump-backed social media platform while they worked for the company, following its launch, but only posted as “Josh A.” and “Billy B.”

You can read the full report from Reuters here.

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