Unhinged Ted Cruz Embarrasses Himself With Over-The-Top Speech At CPAC Event, Screams “Freedom!”

What is he doing??

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Maybe Sen. Ted Cruz thought if he screamed “FREEEEDOM!” loud enough, Americans would forget about his recent vacay to sunny Cancun, Mexico. At the same time that he ditched Texas, his constituents were suffering at home after the weather crisis that left the state without power and water. Cruz began his speech at the event with a joke about the Cancun scandal, then for some reason, he shouted out “freedom,” and we’re not sure why. Cruz also mocked wearing protective face masks, and at one point, he said, “That is our party,” and yelled out,” and these deplorables are here to stay.”

And here’s Cruz’s bizarre “freedom” moment:


Twitter users pounced:

And Cruz did this, too.

Well, while Cruz was being blasted over his trip to Cancun, AOC raised nearly $5 million for Texans that were hit hard by the weather crisis. Maybe he shouldn’t have gone there, either.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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