Victim Of Lauren Boebert’s Son’s Alleged Crime Spree Reportedly Spoke Out, Reveals Tyler Stole From Her Daughter Who Needed Brain Tumor Surgery, Demands They Be “Held Accountable”

One of his victims has publicly spoken.

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Lauren Boebert’s 18-year-old son Tyler left behind a string of innocent victims in the wake of his recent alleged identity theft crime spree — one of which is now publicly speaking out to shed light on the hardship and misery that Tyler and his cohorts inflicted on her and her daughter’s lives and demanding that he and the others be held accountable for what they’ve done.

Right-wing Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s teenage son made headlines earlier this year when he was arrested on 22 charges — 4 counts of criminal possession of a financial device, 3 counts of first-degree criminal auto trespass with intent to commit crime, 4 counts of criminal possession of ID docs, 4 counts of ID theft possession with intent to use, 3 counts of contributing to delinquency of a minor, 3 counts of theft- less than $300, and 1 felony count of conspiracy to commit — all in connection to a string of robberies, thefts, and trespassing in their area.

Tyler’s crime spree and subsequent arrest only added to Lauren’s own ever-mounting pile of scandals, including her nasty, publicized divorce, the same son’s teen pregnancy, and her infamous Beetlejuice groping fiasco.

Lauren, who recently had to switch districts for the impending election in her state of CO in hopes of finding a more staunchly Conservative base willing to vote for her and save her flooding political career, has recently indicated that she wishes the scandals and drama surrounding her and her personal life would simmer down.

However, that shows no signs of going Lauren’s way any time soon, as one of her son’s victims has now publicly spoken out on just how horribly her son’s crimes affected her and her family.

Recently, we reported that one of the victims of Tyler Boebert’s crime spree was a woman who only had $75 “left to her name.” Now, Tamra Sue Ely has been identified as that same victim and has spoken exclusively to Radar Online, revealing that her daughter, whose wallet with cash and debit cards was stolen from the glove compartment of her Chevy Cruze by the Boebert crime crew, desperately needed that money to contribute towards surgery to remove a brain tumor.

“It didn’t make things easier for my daughter, that’s for sure,” 64-year-old Ely said of her 33-year-old daughter Shaya Ely. “It was one more thing to worry about.”

Both Tamara and Shaya were victims of Tyler Boebert’s crime spree, having their cash, debit, and credit cards stolen by the teen and Shaya’s car vandalized.

“I’m just glad they caught whoever was doing it and they should be held accountable,” Tamara Sue told the online publication.

Tyler, along with three underage accomplices, allegedly smashed into four vehicles in the area to steal money and credit/debit cards. They then used the stolen cash and cards to go on a truly juvenile shopping spree, that included stops at McDonalds, Starbucks, various gas stations, and several unsuccessful attempts to purchase online merchandise.

Ironically, Tyler was almost immediately identified in connection to the thefts, as he was spotted on gas station surveillance footage in a sweatshirt from his mom and dad’s now-shuttered Shooters Grill.

Rifle Police Officer A. Herrera wrote in court documents, “Shaya expressed she wants the people who did this to her found because she literally has nothing and everything, she had left to her was the $75 in cash, and the money left in her card.”

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