WaPo Reporter Takes A Deep Dive Into The “Bonkers” New Reports On Trump’s Final Days In The White House; Admits, “This Story Especially Is Just Fairly Shocking”

This is horrifying. There's just no other word for it.

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More than a year after his shameful departure from the White House, the final days of the presidency for the one-term, twice-impeached former guy Donald Trump have come under more intense scrutiny over the last few weeks, as more reports begin to reveal what really went down inside the Trump administration as Donald desperately scrambled to hold on to his power and control.

Recently, the New York Times made waves with an absolutely explosive report, as a Michigan prosecutor revealed that former personal Trump attorney, in cohorts with several other staunch allies of the now-ex-president, directly asked him to seize the voting machines in his county and hand them over.

Now, one report for the Washington Post is explaining how this newest bombshell development fits into the growing picture of Donald Trump’s pathetic, desperation-fueled final days in the White House.

Antrim County prosecutor James Rossiter spoke with the Times and alleged that Giuliani and other Trump allies called him somewhere around Nov. 20, 2020. Long story short, they wanted Rossiter to seize and subsequently hand over voting machines from his county so that they could be examined for fraud, all in connection to Donald Trump’s unhinged, desperate attempts to overturn his brutal 2020 election loss to Joe Biden.

WaPo reporter Jackie Alemany made an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe following this bombshell new report and explained the serious significance of this newest development.

“Well, it’s amazing, first of all, we are continuing to find so much new information that has yet to be uncovered, which is exactly what the Jan. 6 committee is doing,” Alemany explained on the MSNBC segment. “But this story especially is just fairly shocking because it shows them actually trying to implement some of their plans that we’ve seen sketched out in executive orders to seize voting machines. Here is a situation where they dialed in on a specific county and found a reason to do so despite it being obviously quite unconstitutional.”

To make a bad situation worse, the staggering report on Giuliani’s attempt to seize voting machines in an effort to help Trump steal the election came on the very same day as the report from the New York Times that uncovered the stash of presidential records that Trump, likely illegally, took with him to his Mar-a-Lago home/resort when he left the White House. This is in addition to revelations from the National Archives claiming that Trump had ripped up numerous official documents during his term that had to be taped back together by his aides.

Alemany specifically points out how brutally damning many of the remarks Donald Trump made about his 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton and her handling of classified documents are now that this bombshell has seen the light of day.

“That’s why those clips that were just played are so important for everyone to remember, especially when this investigation might potentially lead to whether or not this was negligence or actually intentional behavior,” she told MSNBC. “But it is clear that the former president knew exactly what was wrong with doing these things. He called up Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton on ripping up documents, taking classified information, accepting gifts, mischaracterizations because he knew it was politically damaging and gave the appearance of being corrupt. That’s what I think ultimately the DOJ is going to have to do if they decide ultimately to investigate the 15 boxes taken from Mar-A-Lago, which is what the archives has asked them to do according to our reporting yesterday.”

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