“We Are Not Liable”: Buyers Of $399 Gold Trump Shoes Better Hope They Read The Fine Print

Saw this coming from a mile away...

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For those who were gullible, ignorant, and hateful enough to buy out Donald Trump’s stock of $399 gold clown shoes — all I can say for you is, I hope you read the fine print before you opened up your wallets, ’cause you’re not gettin’ them anytime soon.

If you head on over to the Trump Sneakers website and click and scroll around until you find the pesky fine print, you’ll see that customers can expect a wait of up to 5 months or more before they actually receive their sneakers or various other Trump-branded products with price tags steeper than some peoples’ paychecks.

On the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the website, you will find the following warning, “Trump Sneakers are expected to start shipping July 2024 for the gold High-Tops, and the Potus 45 White Knit & Red Wave Knit are expected to ship in August 2024.”

Further, the company does not rule out any additional delays that may make your sneakers take even longer than a whopping 5 months to actually get to you.

“Shipping and delivery dates are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed. We are not liable for any delays in shipments,” the fine print on the sneaker sales reads.

In a shady attempt to explain away the massive delays that buyers can expect in shipping, the website claims that it’s a matter of quality, explaining, “The Sneaker(s) are made to order. When you checkout you will be able to order any size that you want, meaning there is no chance a size can sell out unless the whole collection sells out. The images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.”

I.e. you may not even get what you paid for.

But rest assured, they promised that your sneakers will be “special.”

“Our official Donald J. Trump sneakers and fragrances are a tribute to the Trump legacy, blending premium craftsmanship with a distinctive style,” the website claims. “Our sneakers are designed to stand out with bold elements like the gold ’45’ and the American flag, symbolizing leadership and patriotism.”

In case you read all that and thought you might change your mind, you can forget about getting a refund for these bad boys, as the site makes it very clear: “There are no refunds. All sales on GetTrumpSneakers.com are final.”

The bizarre Trump-branded shoe sales come hot on the heels of the brutal ruling against Trump in a New York court last week that saw the former president on the hook for a staggering $350 million, plus interest, fraud judgment in connection to the long-running and widespread pattern of blatant financial fraud within the Trump Organization.

Good look with all that, guys…

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