CNN Reported Some Of Mike Pence’s Inner Circle May Be Ready To Spill The Jan. 6th Tea On Donald Trump To House Committee


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It seems the former Vice President Mike Pence isn’t the only one who’s pretty well fed up with Donald Trump after the complete and utter nonsense that was the January 6th Capitol riot. According to recent reporting from CNN, while Trump’s inner circle is busy defying subpoenas from the House Select Committee, that’s currently tasked with investigating the insurrection, left and right, it seems Pence’s inner circle may be looking to take a different route.

The report from CNN says the Capitol riot committee “is interested in gathering information from at least five members of former Vice President Mike Pence’s inner circle,” with a specific interest in actions taken by ex-President Trump and his many allies attempting to pressure the then Vice President into refusing to certify the Electoral College votes in favor of Joe Biden.

“Some individuals close to Pence may be willing, either voluntarily or under the guise of a ‘friendly subpoena,’ to provide critical information on how Trump and his allies tried to pressure the former vice president to overturn the results of the 2020 election,” the CNN report reads. “According to sources familiar with the discussions, some Pence aides are proving more willing to engage with the committee than previously made public.”

Infamous “Coup Memo” lawyer John Eastman penned a document claiming that Pence possessed the power to refuse the Electoral College votes certification and send the decision of the election back to state Houses that were Republican majority.

Pence refused.

Of course, Pence’s refusal led to serious anger from Trump and his people. With his supporters going so far as to chant “Hang Mike Pence!” during the infamous riot at the nation’s Capitol earlier this year.

It seems Donald and his men may soon be reaping what they’ve sowed for so long, as Pence’s people gear up to sing like birds to the House select committee.

You can read the full report from CNN here.

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