Former Trump Insider Explains The Root Of Trump’s Misogyny: “Little Girls Laughed At Him Because He Couldn’t Read”

Oh, dear Lord. There's a lot to unpack here.

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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has recently found herself on the receiving end of some pretty serious protests and petitions after signing into effect one of the most restrictive stay-at-home orders in the United States.

Frankly, Whitmer didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. Her state is being hit hard by the outbreak (one of the worst in the nation) and she has seemingly learned the hard way that Donald Trump is none too eager to help her out — after he bashed her on live TV and Whitmer subsequently alleged that companies were being told not to send life-saving supplies to her state.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop the onslaught of backlash from Michigan’s conservative crowd who found themselves rather upset at the prospect of being told what to do by a woman — something they seemingly feel free to air their grievances over now that their “president” has essentially given them a free pass to be just as misogynistic as he is.

Why does Trump’s misogyny matter here, you may be asking?

This is why:

Trump’s supporters seem to be no angrier at Gov. Whitmer for her actions against the outbreak than they were (and are) at Hillary Clinton for her “emails.”

They saw a golden opportunity to chant “Lock her up!” once more now that the Hillary ordeal is so wrung out and dried up you’d have better luck squeezing blood from a turnip.

And these actions out of Trump’s supporters are a direct result of Trump’s own misogynist ways.

Frankly, Trump’s always been a pig toward women. The dozens of rape and sexual assault allegations alone are enough to confirm that. Then, of course, you have the whole cheating on his pregnant wife with a porn star in addition to the disgusting way he’s treated pretty much every woman he’s ever come into contact with over the past three years.

But no one has ever really known why Trump is such a piece of garbage towards the opposite sex.

That is until now.

While there’s simply no way to get inside Trump’s head and find out for sure, and honestly I wouldn’t want to dodge all those marbles in there even if I could, Noel Casler didn’t waste any time when it came to offering up his theory.

Casler is a former employee of Trump’s, back from his days on The Apprentice, and over the course of Donald’s presidency has made it his mission to divulge as much about the man who’s “running” our country as he can.

And this was no exception.

Captioning the video of the protests against the MI Governor, Casler offered up his own explanation for Trump’s behavior towards women that’s had a trickle-down effect on his supporters, and apparently it has a lot to do with his inability to read, some deep-seated mommy issues, and something “nasty” with his sister that I hope I never gain any additional knowledge on.

So, according to the guy that knows Trump pretty darn well, the president has a laundry list of reasons, including being laughed at by little girls, for being a massive prick to every woman he meets.

I hate to tell you, Donnie… But there are little girls all around this world laughing at you every day.

You’re a joke.

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