Former US Senator Brutally Destroyed Sen. Lindsey Graham: “He’s A Slug, Along With The Slug In The White House”

She held NOTHING back!

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South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has never, in all his life, been what I would call a “good person.”

I mean, I didn’t know the guy as a child, so perhaps he wasn’t completely horrible, toddling around as a two-year-old, but I’d venture to say most of his redeeming qualities went swirling down the drain around the time he started forming complete sentences.

Nowadays, as a full-fledged grown-up, the dude is nothing more than southern-fried chicken shit smothered in butter and disappointment.


However, even Lindsey Graham had limits to the depths of depravity he was willing to stoop to. Until Donald Trump became president, that is.

As I’m sure you’ll recall, the South Carolina Senator served as one of the staunchest Trump detractors around back in Donald’s running days. But the moment Trump moved his golf clubs into the Oval Office, something flipped like a light switch inside Lindsey Graham and the man instantly traded what little dignity and respect he had left to his name for a spot under Donnie’s rotten wing.

And everybody knows it.

Back several years ago, Lindsey would have been described as a John McCain Republican. And before the days of Donald Trump’s reign of terror, a story hitting the media waves about Putin putting bounties on the heads of American soldiers would have sent him reeling right along with his late pal McCain — who is no doubt currently rolling over in his grave at the sight of Lindsey’s current behavior.

But instead, Graham is now silent as a field mouse. And everyone is taking notice.

Former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill recently sat down to give her thoughts and feelings on Senator Lindsey Graham and the Trump White House — and to say that she ripped them to shreds would be an understatement.

“You take a guy like Lindsey Graham — Lindsey Graham would’ve been first in line calling out Putin for putting a bounty on American soldiers,” McCaskill said. “He would’ve been pounding the podium in the Armed Services Committee, along with John McCain and Tom Cotton and the rest of them.”

“Not only does Lindsey Graham not do that,” she went on, “Not only does he go silent and go get his golf clubs to follow meekly behind Donald Trump on the golf course. He does even worse. He tries to justify what Trump did with Stone over the weekend.”

“He knows better,” she blistered.

But the most hard-hitting thing to come out of McCaskill’s mouth came at the end of her statement when she straight called Graham and Trump out.

“Lindsey Graham should be so ashamed of himself. It is beyond belief that he has gone this low. He is down there in Slugville. He’s a slug, along with the slug in the White House.”

All I can say is… BOOM! 

You can watch the clip here:

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