It Seems The Feud Between Trump And Bill Barr Is About To Get A Lot Worse, As The Ex-AG Explained In New Book That He’s Always Believed Melania Is Much Smarter Than Her Husband

This is honestly hilarious.

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As if things needed to get any more dramatic, disgraced former President Donald Trump has been very publicly beefing with his ex-Attorney General Bill Barr, who has recently released a public reputation rehab book that’s essentially a few hundred pages worth of Trump trash talk. Of course, Barr’s attempt at reintroducing himself to civilized society is really nothing more than a steaming pile of bull-you-know-what, as even Barr himself has readily admitted that should Donald Trump end up being the Republican nominee in 2024, despite all the nasty things the ex-AG has had to say about him, he’d still vote for the guy.

But, that’s neither here nor there in regard to this particular report.

As the tensions between the two have mounted in a very public way recently (as is customary for any drama involving Donald Trump), it seems all but guaranteed that it will reach a nasty fever pitch after this new tidbit of info coming out of Bill Barr’s new memoir.

In his tell-all, titled One Damn Thing After Another, the former Attorney General takes one hell of a shot at the one-term, twice-impeached ex-president when he talks of his first time meeting Trump’s wife Melania, who he described as rather elegant and intelligent. He even reveals that Trump himself apparently once told him that the only reason Barr got the AG gig in the first place was that Melania personally went to bat for him.

“You know what saved you?” Barr claims Trump told him following his confirmation hearing. “Melania. She came to your rescue. She is now your biggest fan.”

“Well, I could tell she has good sense,” Bill Barr responded to the then-president, according to his book.

“We were watching the hearing together, and when I got angry, she said, ‘Are you crazy? Look at him. Right out of central casting. He looks and acts like an Attorney General! Leave him alone—he is carrying himself just right, and he will be confirmed, which is what you need,'” Trump reportedly told Barr.

“I had always thought Melania was smarter than the President,” Barr penned in his tell-all, constituting a low blow to Donald’s ego if ever there were one.

While we’ll certainly soaking up all of the new revelations about the ex-president and his deep-seated corruption, allow me to remind us all once again that Barr may be spilling all this tea now, but he happily swam in it for nearly four years before. You’re no hero, sir.

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