Trump Couldn’t Seem To String A Coherent Thought Together If His Life Depended On It During Tonight’s Georgia Rally: “Take A Look At Your, Forget About It… Think Of This, People Are Saying…”

Good grief...

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Well, in case you were wondering, Donald Trump is still as unhinged, incompetent, and batshit crazy as he ever was.

The disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached former guy held one of his KKK MAGA rallies in Commerce, Georgia, tonight — despite the fact that he hasn’t been the president in almost a year and a half, and has yet to even officially announce whether or not he’s going to run in 2024, even though we know damn good and well that he will, he just doesn’t want his money to be beholden to any campaign finance laws any sooner than they have to be.

The little ego-stroking event was chock full of all of the ridiculous nonsense we’ve come to know, expect, and hate from the guy — including heaps of praises for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin as he ranted about how his war against Ukraine wouldn’t have happened if he’d been president, plenty of Big Lie delusions including a declaration that “The truth is, I ran twice, I won twice, and I did much better the second time. And now, we just may have to do it again!” and we even saw a quick cameo of Donald’s hair trying to run away from his head.

But what would any Trump rally be if we didn’t see an appearance from Trump’s floundering mental capacity?

As he spoke tonight, the former guy attempted to go on one of his trademarked unhinged rants, this time about rising gas prices in the US that he wanted to blame on President Biden. But I say he “tried to” because he wasn’t really all that successful at it, thanks to his apparent inability to string together a single coherent thought if his literal life and soul depended on it.

I’m so serious.

“Energy is so expensive today. A gallon? You take a look at your, forget about it,” Trump said to the crowd from the stage tonight. “The pump. You take a look at a barrel now. It will be two dollars. It could be, people are saying it’s going to go up to thre— Think of this, people are saying…”

But sure… We’re questioning Biden’s mental cognizance…

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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