Parkland Survivors Call For Marjorie Greene’s Resignation Over Past Posts Saying The Tragedy Was Staged

This makes me sick.

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In the past several weeks, Georgia GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has made quite the name for herself, and not necessarily in a good way either.

Greene, who was only recently confirmed to Congress, made waves in her first weeks as a member of Congress by announcing her intentions to file articles of impeachment against President Biden on his first full day in the White House, citing his disproven relationships with foreign nations as her reasoning for the ridiculous move.

Yesterday, though some reports indicated that Greene had more trouble with the filing than she was expecting, the Congresswoman did ultimately file the motion against Biden and his new presidency, saying on Twitter, “We will see how it goes.”

Unsurprisingly, Greene’s move on impeachment wasn’t well-received by many. But now, as she forces herself into the limelight and much of her old social media posts are being forced to the front with her, Greene looks to have even bigger issues coming her way.

The Georgia congresswoman is a noted believer in the QAnon conspiracy theories — a base that believes Democrats and celebrities are part of a Satanic pedophile cabal that only Donald Trump could expose, and many of them believe that some of this country’s most prominent disasters were actually faked or inside jobs by the government itself, such as school shootings and the 9/11 tragedy.

Now, in the midst of her drama, some of her old comments on a Facebook post have resurfaced, showing Greene agreeing with a conspiracy theory alleging that the Parkland school shooting where 17 students and faculty members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High lost their lives was a “false flag planned shooting.”

The conspiracy theory surrounds Broward Sheriff’s school resource deputy Scot Peterson, who resigned from his position after security camera footage showed him taking cover outside of the school while the 2018 Valentine’s Day shooting took place, only to still receive his state pension.

People commented on the story about Peterson, saying it “sounds like a payoff” for “going along with the evil plan.”

One of the responses came from none other than Greene herself who said “My thoughts exactly!!”

South Florida Democrats have come out in droves against the GOP Congresswoman as her old comments have come back to the surface, including the U.S. Rep. for Parkland, Ted Deutch.

“Radical conspiracy theorists cruelly came to our community in the days after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to outrageously deny that 17 people were killed,” Deutch stated. “It’s infuriating that someone like that was elected to Congress.”

He goes on to say that Greene should “disavow these comments, she should apologize to everyone that she has offended, and, most importantly, she should tell her followers the truth.”

Florida’s Director of Emergency Management Jared Moskowitz, of Coral Springs, also called for Greene’s resignation and suggested that she come speak to the families of the Parkland victims.

But perhaps the most powerful response to Greene’s past comments came from Fred Guttenberg, who lost his 14-year-old daughter Jamie Guttenberg in the Parkland shooting.

Guttenberg posted a series of tweets in which he called on Greene to resign and apologize for her past comments surrounding the tragedy that cost him his daughter.

It’s strikingly clear that Greene is trying desperately to make a name for herself in the GOP. But it seems to me that all she’s done is sign her political death certificate.

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