Rudy Giuliani Appeared To Get Super Confused About What The Oscars Are Before Going Down A Bizarre Rabbit Hole About Jesus, Claiming To Be A “Biblical Scholar”

Hand to God, we couldn't make this up if we TRIED.

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Former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani seemed to get extremely confused by the mere existence of the Academy Awards’ major annual awards show, more commonly known as The Oscars, which just saw its 95th ceremony. He did, however, want everyone to know that he’s super close to Jesus and considers himself somewhat of a “biblical scholar.”

Ole Collude’y Rudy’s bizarre remarks came during a recent episode of his new podcast-style show, America’s Mayor Live.

“Somebody asked me about something called Oscar,” Rudy said, with what I have to say is the single most hilarious, bewildered, and downright bumfuzzled look I believe I have ever seen on a human being’s face in all my life. “Oscar?” he quizzically asked.

An off-camera producer attempted to correct the washed-up ex-attorney and staunch Trump confidante, saying, “The Oscars.”

This seemed to only serve to confuse and befuddle Rudy even further as he asked, “Oh, it’s the — oh, it’s a family? What are Oscars? Some big thing happened last night called Oscar?”

The producer finally explained to Giuliani that the Oscars are a long-running Hollywood award show. But this didn’t seem to help Rudy’s mental state at all. In fact, it sent him spiraling down an even stranger, more bizarre religious rabbit hole that we still can’t quite figure out why it has anything at all to do with the Oscars.

But nevertheless, Rudy promptly began to rant about the religious show, The Chosen, that’s supposed to follow the life of Jesus Christ. But he wanted everyone to know that he’s even more religious than that.

“I watched Chosen, which I recommend to everyone to watch before Easter. It’s about the life of Jesus Christ. People who are very Orthodox, either Catholic or Protestant, might be somewhat offended by, it’s not being biblically 100% accurate, but it is not in any way offensive,” Rudy driveled. “Its fictionalism is from my point of view, as a moderate biblical scholar. Moderate. I say moderate, but more a religious scholar, which I am — I would say it’s fair interpretation.”

Rudy finally wrapped his weird rant up with this conclusion: “But in any event, I was watching that and they said there was this thing on Oscar, but nobody I knew was watching it.”

Honestly, the whole thing was so insanely unhinged and just downright weird, we’re left to wonder if even Rudy Giuliani can actually be that dumb.

I suppose if anyone could, it would be him.

See the video here:

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