Trump Openly Admitted To Heavily Pressuring His AG Bill Barr To Risk Everything, Take The Fall For His Attempted Coup: “Look, Get Impeached. You Have To Get Impeached, Maybe.”

Trump's out here saying the quiet part out loud.

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In a recent phone interview on Fox News with Sean Hannity, disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached former President Donald Trump effectively said the quiet part all the way out loud when he openly and publicly admitted to the heavy, relentless pressure he put on his own Attorney General Bill Barr following his brutal election loss to not only cooperate in his election coup but potentially take the fall for it by putting his livelihood and career on the line, in an effort to keep Trump in power that he did not rightfully deserve.

During the Fox phone appearance, Trump openly whined that his former Attorney General and head of the US Justice Department — who resigned from his position on the heels of the January 6th attack and has since turned into a milquetoast Trump critic as he tries to rehab his public image in the aftermath of the Trump disaster — was not willing to get himself impeached to help Trump overturn the 2020 election.

The ex-president kicked things off by whining and complaining about the multiple investigations that are currently raging against him, his family, his family business, and his election coup attempt. But, it didn’t ultimately take long for Trump to switch gears into an unhinged attack against his own former cabinet official after he gave a not-so-thinly veiled warning about impending revolt should the investigations against him continue.

“I just don’t think the people of this country are going to take it,” Trump claimed. “Look, we also had a chance, but Bill Barr, the attorney general, didn’t want to be impeached.”

“He didn’t want to get impeached. How do you not get impeached? You just sit back and relax and wait out for your term to end — and that’s what he did. And it was a sad thing and a sad day for our country,” he went on to whine before flat-out arguing, “But you know what, had Bill Barr the courage, a lot of this could have been taken care of.”

Ultimately, Trump openly admitted, “I said, ‘Look, get impeached. I went up a lot in the polls when I got impeached. You have to get impeached, maybe.’ But he was so afraid of getting impeached he refused to do his job.”

The man is digging his own hole and I don’t even know if he doesn’t realize it, or he just doesn’t care.

Watch the clip of the Fox interview with Sean Hannity here:

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