Trump Seemingly Threatens To “Come Down Hard” On Governors Who Don’t Follow His Orders, Abruptly Ends Presser With No More Questions

Seriously, dude? Just threaten and leave, huh?

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Donald Trump just wrapped up his daily MAGA rally Coronavirus Task Force press briefing and frankly, it was just as big a disaster, if not a bit bigger, than all the rest.

It’s no secret that as the days tick past and Donald continues to watch what little chance at reelection he had left go swirling down the toilet at an alarming speed all while he can’t even hold one of his thinly-veiled KKK shindigs, these “briefings” of his are getting worse and worse.

Just yesterday, the president of the United States wasted several minutes during his presser playing what can only be described as a “propaganda video,” full of clips featuring various officials across the nation singing his praises — a move that was absolutely unhelpful in every conceivable way.


Today, as he addressed the members of the press and the collective country from the White House lawn, Trump didn’t waste much time in completely derailing and losing his marbles all over CNN White House correspondent Brian Karem because he dared to question Donald about his willingness to blame everything on WHO when an inconceivable number of Americans still can’t get testing.

And believe it or not… Things went downhill from there.

After spending all day trying to play dictator regarding local governments and their unwillingness to reopen their economies on Trump’s self-serving timeline, Donald seemed to try to clear the air today by saying that local governors would have control of their own reopening… Provided that they choose to go along with his.

Unhelpful again, right?

During the questions segment of the presser, after Trump had already lost his cool on Karem and threatened to leave, Trump appeared to make good on his threat when a different reporter attempted to point out that the reason many states are as well off right now as they are is that they’ve been practicing safe social distancing guidelines.

But once again, Donnie wasn’t having it.

“No… the reason also is they are different kinds of states. They have lots of room,” Trump fired back before turning to issue a pretty serious threat to local governors. “We’re going to work with the governors. The governors are going to do a good job. And if they don’t do a good job we’re gonna come down on them very hard. We’ll have no other choice.”

And then he was just… Done.

Seriously. He said “Thank you all very much” and called it a day. No more questions. No elaboration on that threat. Nothing.

He was just done.

I’m here to tell you now… Things are about to get icky and sticky when it comes to opening this country back up, folks.

Buckle up.

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