Trump’s Life Could Turn Upside Down As His Own Daughter Ivanka Is Reportedly Set To Voluntarily Testify Before Jan. 6th Committee Today

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In a serious turn of events and bad news for the disgraced former president, ABC News now reports that Donald Trump’s own eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, will now voluntarily appear before the January 6th House Select Committee today.

Sources say that, like her husband Jared, Ivanka will meet with the House panel that’s currently investigating the infamous Capitol attack in a virtual appearance before Committee members.

Sources also note, as we’ve reported recently, that Ivanka’s appearance before the January 6th House Committee comes after literal months of negotiations. Thus far, House panel members have declined to comment on potential witness appearances.

Ivanka has long been considered a key player in the investigation into the infamous January 6th attack, and both legal experts and the committee itself have reportedly been hopeful that her husband’s recent voluntary testimony would encourage the ex-President’s daughter to voluntarily sit for a deposition while she still had the chance.

It’s long been reported that Trump’s eldest daughter was one of just a very few of Donald’s closest aides that were with her father not only on the day of the infamous attack but in the West Wing with him as the violence at the Capitol was literally underway.

Recent testimony to the committee by Vice President Mike Pence’s former national security adviser, retired General Keith Kellogg, indicated that he and Ivanka Trump were in the Oval Office with Donald Trump when he made the infamous call to his Vice President Pence to attempt to persuade the VP to refuse to certify the Electoral College votes and overthrow the 2020 presidential election. The committee noted this in a letter they sent to Ivanka.

Kellogg told the panel Ivanka Trump “turned to me and said, ‘Mike Pence is a good man.’ I said ‘Yes he is,'” according to the letter they sent to the former First Daughter.

The House Committee has also received testimony claiming Ivanka played a large role in trying to convince her father to bring the Capitol attack to an end and his supporters to a heel.

Read the full report from ABC News here.

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