Watch As Donald Trump Reacts To Impeachment Vote In Real Time

We knew this was coming.

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Donald Trump has been impeached, folks. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. No more arguments. No more disputes. Donald J. Trump, no matter the results of the Senate trial, will forever be stained by the mark of impeachment.

Number 45 and his band of jockeys have been peddling the claim for weeks now that they just don’t give a damn about this pesky impeachment. Trump evidently wants the whole world to think that this whole ordeal hasn’t affected his life in any way. He’s continually claimed that he’s just as happy-go-lucky and confident in his 2020 chances as he ever was — hell, maybe even more so!

But let me just let you in on a little secret here — he gives a damn. He gives a BIG damn. Perhaps the biggest damn to ever damn in the history of damning.


Why else would he pen a 6-page missive to the Speaker of the House Tuesday in a last-ditch, desperate ass attempt to get her to just make it stop before he found himself in the ranks of his idol Nixon and his archnemesis Clinton?

But nevertheless, Donnie chose to do what Donnie always does and ignore the truth, ignore the fact that he behaved like a groveling idiot, and instead decided to hold himself a nice lil MAGA rally to make himself feel a little better about… Himself.

However, Donald’s little rally where he surrounded himself with people that love him and share the collective common sense of a goose did nothing to save him from the fact that the House was voting to impeach his ass whether he liked it or not.

And folks… They did.

So, naturally, Trump had to take a moment to put whatever unhinged, hairbrained rant he was in the middle of at the time on pause to bless his crowd with his opinion of the damning vote in real-time.

“I think we have a vote coming in,” Trump declared. “So we got every single Republican voted for us? Whoa! Wow!”

They sure did, dipshit! And guess what? It doesn’t make not a DAMN bit of difference. Sorry to tell ya.

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