Watch As Republican Senator Refuses To Answer Reporter’s Question About Impeachment Witnesses As He’s Cornered At The Airport

This is becoming a nasty habit of theirs.

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Now that Trump’s formal impeachment trial in the Senate is officially underway, it seems that many of his GOP cronies in Congress have taken up a new tactic when they find themselves confronted and questioned as to whether this whole ordeal is really going to turn out to be the complete sham that Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Trump himself are all really hoping for — they just don’t answer any questions. Period.

Just a few days ago, Republican Senator Martha McSally made a complete ass of herself when CNN senior correspondent Manu Raju attempted to ask her if she would be considering all of this new evidence as part of Trump’s impending impeachment trial in the Senate — only for her to turn around and call him a “liberal hack” while never even answering the question.

She has since doubled-down on her jackassery during a recent Fox News segment where she still couldn’t answer the same question, despite being surrounded by conservative hacks in their most beloved safe space.

Frankly, McSally is FAR from the first GOPer to take this tactic with reporters when they’re confronted with questions that they haven’t rehearsed their MAGA-approved answers for yet — including the likes of South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, and GOP Reps. Devin Nunes and Matt Gaetz.

And it’s crystal clear that they certainly won’t be the last, either.

Late last night Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado was approached by local Station 9 News reporter Steve Staeger at Dulles International Airport and asked whether or not he would be open to allowing new witnesses to give their testimony at Trump’s Senate impeachment trial that is set to start on Tuesday.

But instead of giving an actual answer to the question, or even responding with an acceptable “no comment,” Gardner pulled a typical GOP move and flat-out refused to answer the question in any capacity.

“We have a trial,” the Republican senator responded. “That’s where we’re at right now. I take my impartiality duty seriously.”

While I can’t say so with certainty, it’s definitely not a complete reach to assume that Gardner’s refusal to answer the question has more than a little to do with his vulnerability in his state where he is soon to be up for reelection.

Colorado was a shoo-in for Hillary Clinton back in 2016 and it’s highly likely that the GOP senator will be running head to head against former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper who’s relatively popular and well-known throughout the state.

He knows he can’t possibly defy Trump and his fellow Senate Republicans. But he also knows damn good and well that if he gives his honest answer, his time is up.

9News has noted that the Republican senator for their state has been particularly difficult to track down for questioning as of late and has repeatedly “dodged requests for scheduled interviews.”

How very GOP of him?

You can watch the clip here:

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