Another Expert Weighs In, Says Putin Made A “Tremendous Miscalculation” After Taking Advice From Military Commanders Who “Lied To Him,” Russian Soldiers Are “Freezing” And Quickly Running Out Of “Fuel… Food… And Patience For Their Leadership”

It seems his plan is falling apart.

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Since the Russian invasion and attack against Ukraine, multiple experts have weighed in with their thoughts, theories, and analysis on the overall state of things, Ukraine’s chances at success, and Vladimir Putin’s tactics. Pretty much all of them have agreed on one thing in particular — things just aren’t going according to plan for the Russian dictator.

Ukraine has undoubtedly been a stronger force than Putin was ever prepared to go up against, the world has united around the Ukrainian people in a way the dictator undoubtedly did not expect, and his own soldiers and people have reportedly not produced the blind loyalty he expects and tries to require of them.

Major General (Ret) James A. “Spider” Marks made an appearance on CNN’s New Day this morning, where he admitted that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine would likely be successful once it’s all said and done, but that does not mean things are going anywhere near according to plan for the Russian dictator, and one huge part of Putin’s problem, Marks feels, comes down to lies told to him by his military commanders in the days and weeks leading up to the violent war.

Marks stood before a map outlining Russian movements as he spoke with CNN host Briana Keillar. Marks explained, in his professional capacity, that the entire invasion seems as though it was botched, and it’s left Putin’s soldiers starving, freezing, and stuck in their vehicles as they grow increasingly impatient with their leadership.

“I mean what we’ve seen with what should have been trained military units, Russian military units, have now become chaotic, rather mercenary-like in their own operations,” the Major General told the CNN host before going on to add that the Russian invasion appears to be completely stalled in some areas.

“His invasion stumbled from the outset, a strategic miscalculation on the part of Putin, ” the military analyst explained. “He listened to his military commanders who were lying to him. These are not ready forces. That convoy that we’ve seen that’s trying to get into Kyiv, those soldiers have been in those vehicles, it’s freezing cold. Having been in those conditions, I know exactly what they’re doing. they’re leaving their vehicles on, running their fuel out. They’re running out of fuel, they’re running out of food, they’re now running out of patience for their leadership.”

“You’ve got some significant problems that are taking place right now,” Marks went on to add. “Putin has made a tremendous miscalculation in terms of what he can try to achieve, and so now he’s going to try to pick up the pacing and the way he picks up the pace, he does it with this incredible blunt instrument called the Russian military. There’s no precision, no discipline. they’re going to try to start to level every objective they can.”

To be completely honest, we have no way of knowing how this thing will shake out in the end. It’s not untoward to say that the fate of the entire world potentially hangs in the balance right now. But I will not deny that it is nice to know things are not going well for Vladimir Putin.

You can watch the CNN clip right here:

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/The Presidential Press and Information Office, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license

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