Former Insider Warns Trump Is Letting Coronavirus Rage In Red States So He Can Claim His Supporters Are Too Sick To Hold The Election

If Trump supporters seriously think he cares about them, they should think again.

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As even more proof that President Donald Trump only sees his supporters as a means to an end and doesn’t actually care about them at all, a former insider warned that he is purposely letting the coronavirus spread in red states so he can try to postpone the presidential election in November — or cry foul if he loses.

More than 83,000 Americans have died under Trump’s watch because of the coronavirus and upwards of 1.4 million are infected. Sadly, the death toll is only rising, especially since many states are abandoning social distancing and lockdown orders to re-open earlier than health experts recommend.

Red states have thrown caution to the wind to open up in order to support Trump’s wishes, but it turns out those states are now dealing with a surge of the virus, including in Kentucky, Iowa, Tennessee, and Texas.


All of these states voted for Trump in 2016, as did Arizona, Florida, and Georgia, which also are experiencing a surge in coronavirus infections and deaths.

Why would Trump risk the lives of his own supporters by letting these states re-open early? And, most importantly, could he use it to his advantage?

Well, former Apprentice staffer Noel Casler darkly warned that Trump is letting the virus surge in red states so that he can claim that the election isn’t fair because his supporters are too sick to vote.

This could either be an excuse for Trump to postpone the election or dispute the final result, should he lose on Election Day.

It certainly shows how Trump feels about his supporters. They are a means to an end and nothing more. Trump is merely using them to help himself gain more power and profit. Even Howard Stern, who has known Trump for decades, said that Trump is disgusted by his supporters. If Trump actually loved his supporters, he wouldn’t be letting them get sick and die from this virus.

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