Trump Reportedly To Make His First Public Appearance Since Leaving Office

I wonder what he'll have to say.

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Since leaving the White House, and now stuck without a single social media account to his name to air his multiple grievances on, Donald Trump has been largely and uncharacteristically quiet. In the weeks since Inauguration Day, we’ve got a very brief statement from him while having dinner at Mar-a-Lago, several “candid” shots of his numerous golf outings, a handful of “official statements” from his new “office” of Donald J. Trump, and some blabber from his Save America super PAC on the heels of his meeting with Kevin McCarthy. But when it comes to actually hearing from the horse’s mouth itself, The Donald has been pretty tight-lipped.

So much so that he even canceled a public appearance he was set to make with the press last week, right at the very last minute, with absolutely no excuse or explanation for bailing like he did.

But, it seems that Trump’s silent treatment may soon be coming to a close.

According to breaking reports, Donald Trump is set to deliver a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida next weekend. This will mark the former president’s first public appearance since leaving the White House in a flurry of pouting and shame a month ago.

The reports claim that Trump is expected to deliver the keynote speech at the conservative event on Sunday, the 28th of February.

Of course, Twitter has had a little fun with the announcement:

This should be interesting, folks.

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