Trump Announces He’s Leaving NATO Early And People Believe It’s Because World Leaders Made Fun Of Him

Rage quitting at its finest.

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Folks, things went so badly for Donald Trump at this year’s NATO that the dude is literally packing up and heading out.

It’s safe to say that Donald’s trip to London this year was little more than a complete and total embarrassment for everyone involved. Trump’s humiliation started before he even deplaned from Air Force One, when he was seen clutching to Melania’s hand for dear life to keep his balance as he descended the aircraft’s stairs, and ended with him being pretty brutally mocked and humiliated by his fellow world leaders in video footage that quickly went viral — and the whole ordeal was complete with a few shutdowns from his foreign counterparts and more than a few embarrassing fact-checks from his own beloved Fox News Network.

Frankly, the whole thing was a complete and total clusterfuck for Donnie and, evidently, he’s checking out before it gets any worse.

Today, Trump abruptly canceled a scheduled press conference after calling the Canadian Prime Minister “two-faced” in response to the viral video in which Trudeau is mocking him, as well as a meeting with Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte, and now he’s packing up his suitcase and heading back to America where he can at least somewhat get away with his fuckery. Or, at least, he feels like he’s in control of it.

The only thing Trump kept on his schedule was a quick meeting with Danish leaders before he books it back to the safety of the White House.

Of course, Trump can hide away in his presidential digs all he likes. It does nothing to stop the brutal beat down he’s getting from Twitter users across the globe for being such a chickenshit:

Just remember, Donnie. We hate you here too.

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